Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to Deal with Trump, Politics, and the Mainstream Media, Culture, and Society

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The main problem with the main centers of modern learning is: They're teaching from a false premises to begin with. It’s just assumed by most people, because of their influence and power, that they must have a solid foundation at the core, or at least the best out there. What is the truth though?

The truth is the most prestigious centers of learning for the last few hundred years were started by workers of iniquity; those that carry out the orders from the elite who are in direct contact with the fallen angels and Satan.

These centers of brainwashing are the example all the other state and private colleges and universities are trying to follow -- these Jesuit run schools set the standard for the modern societies they’ve taken over; taken over very simply by: controlling the money through setting up the central banking system and, subsequently, taking control of the media, society, and culture at every level.

This is relevant to the topic, because one can’t understand what’s going on with Trump, politics, and the mainstream media, society and culture, without understanding our entire system is set up on fantasy and lies. When it comes down to it, lies are illusions, which means there's really nothing there when it’s a lie.

To know how to deal with these emotional topics (the ones they put in front of us all the time) that start wars, stir up hatred, and divide people, the first thing to do is: Understand what the agenda is of those who rule the world. We just can’t be in denial, or too naive and foolish to actually believe anyone in top leadership positions in politics, media, academia or the culture, is actually sincerely telling us the truth for the right reasons.

They may tell part of the truth or even all of the truth at times about certain topics, yet everything they do is for an end -- what is that end? Simply put, it’s a New World Order ran by the Satanic elite, after about 6.5 billion people are exterminated through every conceivable method of murder evil can devise (including many diseases there are cures for, such as cancer and malaria).
The problem with most people who actually do care about our country and pay attention to politics and the media, is they actually believe these powerful characters the NWO creates to fool and deceive them; thus, by believing there are still sincere characters at the top level of the system, fighting for the right things, well then the entire system is legit, just needing fixing is all.

When in reality, every since JFK, there's been no top level politician that’s a sincere character telling the American people the truth (his likely conversion to God, and obvious love for the truth, trumped their control over him). To think Trump is such a character is tempting yes, yet absolutely foolish, especially, considering he’s always been an elitist and was trained formally for two full years at a top level Jesuit University, Fordham University in New York City, New York, and he hasn't shown a love for the truth or a conversion to Jesus Christ, yet uses these in form to deceive those who are desperate for a sincere character in the White House.

See, by getting most of the sound minded American people to believe that the system is legit and working, enough to get a good character in the White House, then they’ve just gained control over around 100 million people, who used to be against them for the last few decades (convinced there was no political solution at the Federal level, until Trump of course).
Ok, now that we know this, here’s how to deal with Trump, politics, and the mainstream media, society and culture.

- Don’t watch cable television at all
- Focus on local community news through the Internet or physical newspapers
- Look at the mainstream news through the internet only to analyze their methods, never believe their stories as they conclude, rather discern what’s going on by seeing who benefits, remembering their formula for control:

Start the Problem + Fix the Problem = Gain Control

Sort of like a wildland firefighter that starts a fire so he can have some work, or a woman who cries rape to put a man she doesn’t like in prison, or the elite using the media to stage racial events to start a race war, etc… on and on…

This is a very old tactic Satan has used from the beginning in the Garden of Eden, when he deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, the American sheep and hedonistic goats are too distracted by the cares of this world and their own self worship, that they can’t see the truth of our enslavement unfolding.

Of course, when a predator is trying to capture their prey, they try many different tactics, whatever works basically. If they need to act nice to get a better angle to stab their victim's back, so be it, right Jesuits?

You know it’s true SJ, yet does the American people know it’s true about the system they're embracing with such excitement and joy? Think of this system with its electronic trinkets, earthly paradises, empty political promises, and hedonistic pleasures, as the nice person who’s just trying to befriend and deceive their victim to get a better angle to stab them in the back for the kill shot.

Sort of like JFK, when the CIA’s mob hit boys, and every other top-level authority in Dallas in 1963, colluded to get their prey right into Dealey Plaza so they could have the best chance of killing their prey; notably it was the young assassin in the storm drain that fired the fatal head shot, one of a gaggle of assassins firing away like it was a shooting range (and missing most of the time).

People are just too interested in themselves and their hedonistic desires, pleasures, and gains in this temporary existence, to care about what kind of foundation the system they embrace is built on, or in other words: They’ve never asked what’s the meaning of all this, and been determined get the answer, as opposed to living a meaningless life as an ignorant fool.

There are many ignorant fools that believe they're wise, yet the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God, and those that have the mind of Christ Jesus see the wisdom of this world as foolishness too, yet many Christians are double minded.
I know this because there are so many sincere Christians supporting and believing in the actor Trump. The play last year around election time was very convincing to millions of people, even getting them to believe it actually mattered and counted when they voted for a President!

It would seem that people would wise up after awhile to the absurdities the Satanist want us to swallow, yet it seems people are actually getting more gullible, as though they are motivated merely to save face -- their entire meaning has become to fight and hate the opposite side of the political spectrum, liberal vs. conservatives, etc.

The motivation for the conservative Christian right wing element to support the very wonderful actor D. Trump is sound and has actual meaning, yet the problem is: They’re trusting in a lying Satanist elitist, rather than Jesus Christ and the truth. Yes, those who are born again and Trump supports will always be saved, yet they'll be destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed  for lack of knowledge…

There are so many snares the society, culture, and media is trying to hook us with, in order for us to become emotionally involved; I say: just disconnect from the entire play act and ignore most of it; only pay attention when reading between the lines and when it comes to local community government.

Top level state government is nearly completely corrupt, and top level Federal government in America is completely corrupt (or are useful idiots being groomed and deceived -- they need some sincere, yet ignorant, people to give them and their fantasy system validity, such as the sincere preachers that go on Jim Baker or Alex Jones shows not knowing they're complete shills, etc.).

If there's someone who’s a sincere character that happens to get too far in politics or leadership, the elite will just create a scandal or kill them in a number of different sinister ways. Many men and women who've stood up to this Satanic system have been killed, of course, after they were smeared, jailed, and stolen from (usually by the IRS in modern times) that is.

So, I guess the choice is this: believe the system works and Trump is a sincere character and be ineffective, deceived, and destroyed, or believe the truth at all cost and see through this facade, live in reality, and do God's will.

Live free and in truth while you’re alive here (and in the afterlife as well for Christians), instead of being a mindless useful idiot perpetuating the system; thus, being destroyed already in your mind, to then be utterly destroyed in the physical, while finally realizing your ignorance is the cause, i.e. huge regret.

Staying out of it all and just worshiping yourself is even worse, because you’re too silly and worthless to even try to live a meaningful life; self worshipers are not only boring, they’re cruel with their indifference, as they perpetuate a system that kills, steals, and destroys -- just so they can prance around like worthless fools getting theirs.

For those who do seek the truth and care about living a meaningful life past our own hedonistic desires, pleasures, and gains (I know we’re in the minority) , well, bravo and amen, yet don’t be a useful idiot and get snared in their deceptive ploys, rather see through the lies and be free from its grasp.

Of course, eventually, the Vatican NWO will accomplish many of its wicked goals, yet it won’t work out like they’ve envisioned; unfortunately for them, they’ll be roasted in fire when Jesus Christ comes back with their due judgement and punishment, and everything they've worked for will be destroyed and brought to nothing.

As for those who are born again Christians and support and believe in the main actor Donald Trump, what are you thinking? Are you that naive and ignorant?

This world is surely a twilight zone in these end days, so when a politician is saying everything we want to hear, be very weary; and remember what happened to the last sincere character we had as President (JFK), which shows us how much control they had in 1963 -- 54 years ago, thus indicating strongly how much control they have now in 2017.

That’s how to deal with Trump, politics, and the mainstream media, society, and culture; just treat them like clowns and fools, yet remember they have blood on their hands and are in the business of killing, stealing, and destroying everything good, Holy, and truthful. Indeed, this system, this world is surely at enmity with God. Are you friends with Trump and the Satanic world he's part of?

James 4:4 ...know you not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Hey, at least we know Hilary is our enemy, that makes guarding our backs a little easier. There's a lot of backs wide open for Trump to stab, are you going to trust he's got your back? If so, you're a fool.