Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why I'm Not a Seventh Day Adventist After All

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Although not formally a SDA, my wife and I were convicted enough in their message to call ourselves such for 6 months.

It was the Historicism doctrine that appealed to me, while the 7th day Sabbath appealed to my wife, initially.

There’s much about the SDA Church that we do appreciate and agree with, yet equally as much that we don’t.

Our journey into the SDA message came about when, seemingly, all the remnant Protestant Christians we listened to started campaigning for Trump, as if he were a sincere character full of the Holy Spirit.

Just to note, I still believe there’s no political solution at the D.C. level, and that Trump is a Catholic doing the bidding of the Pope.

See, the SDA church is more Protestant than any other “Protestant” denomination, except for the fact that they believe in a works based salvation, much like the Vatican itself.

Ellen took (stole)  almost all of her ideas/doctrines from other people, and the prevalent Protestant interpretation of Prophecy in the 1800s and all the way back to the Apostolic Church, was Historicism, of course in its infant phase to its full grown prophetic conclusions.

To be a Protestant, is to understand that the Roman Catholic Church is the Harlot that Rides the Beast in Revelation, and the Papacy is the Anti-Christ himself.

Most modern Christians (after the onslaught of heresy in the 1800s) now believe in Futurism, which states that there will be a future Anti-Christ that comes and reigns for 7 years during the Great Tribulation, and this will be a politician from Europe, Jewish, etc…Jesuit teachings by the way.

Basically, Historicism wasn’t created by the SDA church, rather it was adopted as the prevalent prophetic interpretation at the time in the mid 1800s.

It wasn’t until the Jesuit influenced and trained priests under cover and co-agitators came along, that Futurism started taking hold with the help of Scofield and every single modern day TV evangelist, etc.

That’s what we appreciate about the SDA church, they understand the enemy, yet they don’t understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is more important than prophecy. This is the lesson God was teaching me.

I believe us going to the SDA church for 6 months and even being convicted enough to call ourselves Adventists, was all in God’s plan for our lives. What it did was show us the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by nearly taking it away from us.

See, the Gospel is the most important message Christians have to give; I could never understand why people would get so excited about the Gospel, history is what gets me excited and interested, I thought it was just emotional people getting too excited (which it is many times).

What I’ve learned and gained from this experience is the joy of my salvation, which makes me excited and happy when I think or speak about the Gospel too!

Specifically, I've learned that it’s not by works that we’re saved, but by believing in Jesus Christ, being born-again and sealed with the Holy Spirit -- this all happens at once, and we are eternally saved, and eternity isn't just until we sin again or lack faith for a time in our lives.

See, the SDA church believes, like many other denominations, that a born-again Christian can lose their salvation, which is contrary to common sense and the scriptures.

God doesn’t give us eternal life and seal us with the Holy Ghost to take it away because of our works, and the born-again Christian will never loose their faith completely, even if they think they have.

The joyful new is this, if we believe in Jesus Christ and are born-again and sealed with the  Holy Spirit, then we are saved for eternity and nothing can change this fact. We do not maintain salvation through works, and works is not a measuring stick for gaining or losing salvation.

This is a big problem for Adventism, as they believe Christians can never know they’re saved, and that we will stand in front of a Holy God without a mediator and be judged  by our works for salvation in the Investigative Judgement.

Adventism has many problems because it was started by date setting Jesus’ 2nd coming, (Miller did admit he was wrong for date setting later, yet Ellen never did...) then the deceptive ploys of Ellen G. White for the next 60 years or so.

The biggest problem for the SDA church is their prophetess Ellen G. White was a complete deceiver, stealing upwards of 80% (read Walter Rea's book: "White Lies" ) of her writings from other accomplished writers, not giving them credit and saying they were directly from God in vision or through an angel.

The other big problem they have is the Investigative Judgement, which is clearly a works based salvation message and un-Biblical.

I’m not going in-depth explaining these main problems with the SDA church, there are many resources for people to learn from on the Internet, is a good start.

The verse comes to mind, they have a form of Godliness, yet no power thereof. This explains the SDA church, which in form and on the surface is a very nice and appealing religion, yet when one gets to the substance of the religion, they realize: this religion is rotten and these poor people are anemic spiritually, deceived, and brainwashed.

I believe there are many Adventists that are saved, yet it’s despite their religion, not because of it; yet, I worry about the ones that really believe in Ellen and the Investigative Judgement, because they’re believing in lies and deception, not to mention they live in constant fear and uncertainty about their salvation (much like the majority of modern Christians that believe they can lose their salvation).

Honestly, the SDA church really is a cult, they’re just closer to the Bible than the Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons; I would attribute this to their belief in Historicism and their teachings of the Protestant Reformation.

Unfortunately, the only denomination teaching about the Protestant Reformation correctly is the SDA church, which means they know their enemy and the reason for the protest. Every other “Protestant” denomination is openly subservient to Roman Catholic Church, yet the SDA church is more like the Catholic Church in its salvation doctrines than any other “Protestant” denomination -- that is: works based to the core.

Benefits of going to the SDA church for 6 months:  I’ve become nearly vegan, don’t drink coffee anymore, and have learned insightful historical information from great SDA teachers like Walter Veith and Bill Hughes, which I still listen to and consider brothers.

I’ve also learned what the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is. All we have to do is believe in Jesus Christ and we’ll be born again of the Spirit, sealed eternally by the Holy Ghost!

Imagine God taking back the gift of eternal life because we didn’t measure up with our works, what a hateful God that would be.

There’s much more that could be said about how Jesus is our Sabbath in the New Covenant, and that communion and baptism are the signs of the New Covenant, while the 7th day Sabbath was the sign of the Old Covenant, which was done away with when the new appeared, only there to show us that we are sinners in need of a Savior.
For now, suffice it to say, we’ve been blessed to go through the experience of being SDA for 6 months and then leaving. I truly do appreciate their Protestant prophetic and historical teachings, as well as their health message, use of the KJV Bible, and their sincere fellowship.

Yet, the biggest blessing was when God showed us the door and gave us the right understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as rearranging my perspective on the preeminence of it over prophecy. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!